Rachelle de Zwart
Media Developer
About me

Hey there internet, my name is Rachelle de Zwart.
I’m a 21 year old Media Developer, born in Haarlem.
But currently living and studying in Terneuzen, The Netherlands,
to improve my skills as a designer and programmer..

In my spare time I geek out over series, movies & games.
And spend my time on the internet watching cat video’s…
Lots and lots of cat video’s..
But I also like to try out new things while improving my skills
as a Media Developer.

Before you might stalk me on social media you should really
check out the work I’ve done so far!

My Skills

I’m currently studying to become a Media developer
at Scalda in Terneuzen, the Netherlands.
Which means that I’m still improving my skills
and these bars & the website will grow as time passes by.

And since I like to develop new skills in my spare time,
I might even add a few progress bars! If I gain a new skill.

Html / Css
Bootstrap / Uikit
Contact me

Email: Rachelle207@live.nl
Phone number: 0624374115

Got a qeustion? Just send me an email or call me.